Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Fun Winter Weekend Getaway

This weekend, my sister-in-law Emily invited us to her parent's cabin in Mentone. It's their "Little River Hide-away" and it is beautiful! We hiked, cooked, ate, hiked some more and took a million pictures. We had a great time! The cabin is right on the river and it is absolutely gorgeous! They do rent it out, so if any one's interested...let me know! I believe the website is but I can't get it to work-just google 'little river hideaway'. I also just realized that you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger! (Didn't know that?!) I think I got some really pretty scenery shots. :)

I thought the back of our car looked hilarious. Can you tell we have a little girl? We had to take the Princess Potty chair because Taylor had been doing so well all week...didn't want to mess things up!
Even though it was dark, after dinner we hiked down to the river just to look... was so pretty! Right on the water and the water was high and sounded wonderful, flowing across the rocks!
After a big breakfast Saturday morning, we headed out for a hike. Taylor stayed in with MeMe on this one...too cold! Which was totally fine with both of them. Taylor needs MeMe's undivided attention at all times! She does NOT like for MeMe to talk to anyone else...better get ready, Taylor. :)
Uncle Russ climbing on the rocks...
My brother is the ultimate Boy Scout, just like Dad. Always prepared. We laughed at him though because he had all kinds of knives to play with all weekend. I think he's one part Crocodile Hunter, two parts Rambo...always has been.

I think I got this shot while Dad was laughing at Russ climbing on the Dad's hat. He could BE Indiana Jones! :)

Really cool rock formation...the whole weekend we were just amazed at how beautiful the area was.

Emily pointed out this cool tree actually growing out of the rock!
Russ and Emily leading the way on our hike...
We are very excited to announce that Emily is pregnant!!! We are super thrilled and can't wait for our little addition to get here. Her due date is July 28!

Me, Dad, Emily and Russ...

Taylor snuggling with Uncle Russ after the hike...
Dad and Russ standing in front of the house that Dad's parents used to own when he was little!!! Dad grew up coming here with his family. His parents sold it right after my parents got married but MAN, do we wish we still had it. We can't seem to ever catch the owners there or contact them. Maybe one day!

If you've been to Desota Falls, you've probably seen this boat house. Right above in the woods is the house from the previous picture. When Dad's parents owned the place, they had a floating dock right beside this boathouse. You can just barely see the house.

We have lots of pictures of me growing up, standing in front of DeSoto Falls so we definitely had to take some pics with Taylor. I'll have to scan an old one of me to compare. It was too scary to let her stand by herself...maybe when she's older.

DeSoto Falls also has other fun memories for our family! Funny story-when Dad was in high school, he skipped school one day and came to the falls with several buddies...and JUMPED OFF!! Luckily, my Dad was not injured but I know one of his buddies has had back problems from the jump. Now there are signs posted..."highly dangerous, no jumping (or you'll go to jail)"!! Even funnier story, when I was in 4th grade my Challenge teacher was talking about Niagra Falls and I just heard the word "falls" and told her and the class that "my dad jumped off Niagra Falls"!! She looked at me funny and said, "Did your father live in New York?" and I just answered no...totally confused! Oh well!!

Russ and Em at the falls...she's got that glow, doesn't she?

And with PaPaw and MeMe...
That night we had a bonfire in "the cave". It's this really cool cave right up from the Robinson's house...really neat. Even though it was really cold, it was nice by the fire.

Notice Indiana Jones' and Rambo's cool headlamps! Flashlights weren't enough. Kevin was totally bummed that he left his at home! (He's not a Scout, hehe!-but a dang good sportsman, I have to say or he'll be upset.)

Of course, Wop (the hippo) came with us. Taylor stayed inside with MeMe while we were playing in the cave. MeMe put her hair up in a ponytail and Taylor actually left it. When I've tried that in the past, she yanked it down. Daddy thinks she looks too grown up in her ponytail!

On Sunday it was warm enough for Taylor to go on a hike with us and she had a blast. We hiked down to a little waterfall to take some pics. I know exactly what she's looking at in this pic-her PaPaw! He was stepping over some rocks and she was very concerned that he might fall in!

Laughing with MeMe and PaPaw...
Stealing a kiss from Daddy...warms my heart!!
She loves her Daddy!

Taylor hiking down the trail with a little help from PaPaw and MeMe...
This is just a picture of the wood-burning stove inside the Robinson's cabin and it is exactly like the one from my grandparent's house when I was little. I thought it was really neat. We enjoyed having a fire going all weekend, compliments of Uncle Russ. We had a wonderful weekend!! Thanks Aunt Em!! :)

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