Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fashion Show

Okay, as much as this child looks like she's mine, I'm not sure she is. I used to LOVE to change clothes and try on new clothes. I wanted to have a fashion show this afternoon for Taylor to try on all of the new outfits I've made her. Well, we got through two outfits and she was DONE! Oh well, I got some cute shots. :)

Family Pics

Caleb and Brad (Kev's older brother) came down this past weekend for the Tech game and we tried to get some pictures of all three grandkids together. Gram bought the girls these cute matching outfits. It was impossible to get a good picture of all three kids but here are a few!
Taylor said, "I don't want everybody touching me...""And if I have to say cheese one more time!!!"
"Okay, well maybe one more time!"

Here's Taylor and Hope. Taylor says, "I love my cousin Hope!" She calls her whop even though she can say Hope. ??? "I like to kiss on Caleb..."

"...and then we giggle about it!"

"Cousin Caleb gives good hugs!"

Last week Taylor came up to me in the kitchen and said, "gotta peepee" so I asked her if she wanted to try the big girl potty. We ran to the bathroom and she actually poopied in the big girl potty! I was so excited...we had only talked a little about using the big girl potty. After she went, we made a big deal about it and she did NOT want to put her pants back on. So this is Taylor running around the house without her pants! She was so happy about using the big girl potty!! She's used it twice since then. We need to stay home long enough to really start potty training, I guess!

Here's one of the outfits I've made her recently.

Here's Taylor and Ellie Grace in their pumpkin outfits that Jaime and I made for them.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What a fun week!

We've had a very busy but fun week! Tonight, Ellie Grace and Gavin had their birthday parties at Kangaroo Jake's. Taylor had a blast jumping and playing.

"Where are you, Ellie Grace?""There you are!"
"I went down the slide with Mommy..."
"...and with Daddy!"
"And again with Mommy!
"Watch me run and jump, Meme and Memaw!"

"Like my new dress?"Jaime and the birthday boy! Jaime and I spent Wednesday sewing dresses for the girls. We almost finished two dresses for each of the girls-for Halloween and Thanksgiving! I also made the one she has on in these pictures...well, actually Meme did most of the sewing. It was our first project in a long time!"This is so much fun, I love this place!!"
"I took a quick break with Ellie Grace..."
"...and got a quick drink from Memaw..."

"...and then it was time to slide again!" "I went down the slide with NeNe, too!!"

"Then we ate some pizza and apple juice..."

"...and I watched Ellie Grace open her presents..."

"...and then it was time to go home! Happy Birthday Gavin and Ellie Grace!"

Reading with Daddy earlier in the week... Playgroup was at our house this week. The girls playing in the clubhouse.

Sliding together...Here's our friend Laney. She and Taylor are three days apart and both named after their mother's maiden names AND their parent's anniversaries are one day apart. Laney's mom and I met after we had the girls.This is our neighbor, Carlie. Carlie actually became a big sister later on this day. Her mom was very pregnant at playgroup that morning and I think maybe the walk home from our house made her have the baby later that night!! Playing in the dirt with Gavin.

Taylor is learning to climb the steps by herself...this makes Mommy very nervous! :)
"It's been a great week!"