Monday, May 11, 2009

Beck-Beck, Bunnies and Balance Beams

Beck Beck is what Taylor calls Becky. Becky, Matt and Reed came to stay with us the other weekend and we had the best time. Taylor did so well with Reed. She let him sleep in her room and was very sweet all weekend...she even let her MeMe hold him! But she sat VERY close by. On Saturday night, Allison and April came to Rome with their hubbies and new baby Lilly. We were so excited to all be able to spend some time together!
Becky, Reed, April, Lilly, Allison, me and Taylor...Becky was my roomie at Shorter (for the few of you who may not know!) Taylor loved spending time with Baby Reed and has asked me almost once a day since, "Where'd Baby Reed go?" I have to explain that he had to go back to South Carolina with his parents 'Beck Beck and Map'.
Matt and Reed...Taylor says, "I'm trying to eat my brownie, no pictures please!"
Me and Al...
The new Mommies...

Allison and Alan...

Reed and Lilly...aka Baby Weed and Baby Yiyyee. Notice Lilly gazing up at her Daddy! So sweet!!!
Taylor making cookies with MeMe and MeMaw...who Taylor calls MaMaw but that's just fine with MeMaw, of course!
Here's my little monkey at gymnastics! She's had the best time. She's in the same class with her cousin Ellie Grace and our neighbor, Carlie. We hope to sign up soon for the summer session. She loves it!

Here are some pics from Easter sunday...hunting eggs and her Easter dress. Her dress was one that Dad's mother had started for me and Mom finished it for Taylor! So special. She gave it to me at one of my baby showers and now Taylor's old enough to wear it!! I can't believe it. We have lots of dresses that my grandmother (Mama Jean) made for me and I can't wait for Taylor to wear them. Most of them are back in style now and in pretty good shape...thanks to Mom!!

Feeding the cows with Grandpa...

Taylor with her cousin, Hope. My friend Tashia said this picture looks like it's straight from Little House on the Prairie! I guess it kind of does!

The Duke girls gave Taylor this cute, CREATIVE bow organizer. Their mom, Melanie made it!
Taylor wanted to put bows in her hair to match. Luckily, she has not wanted to do that when we are going out...just at home!
Ready for church in her cool shades! She says to me, "Mommy, it's too bright. I need my sunglasses!"Taylor says, "Cheese!" in a pretty dress that Aunt Carol gave her!
We went on a picnic recently with my friend Cindy (Sissy!) We took Taylor to Berry to feed the ducks. She loved it...and loves her Sissy!

Here's the's not gone completely!! But she has gotten better about actually smiling at the camera. Thank goodness!! We promise to update our blog very soon and not wait a whole month like this time!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Taylor had a great time at her 2nd birthday party! I can't believe she's 2. We had an Easter Egg Hunt at our house last weekend. The rain held off and lots of her friends were able to come. We had a great time. Thanks everybody for making her birthday so much fun! Above is our group shot after the egg hunt...

We got a family shot at the end of the night. Mommy and Daddy look exhausted but Taylor was still rip roaring ready to go at 10:30!

Taylor on her new hot pink and purple ATV from Cindy and Adrian! So cute!!

Wrestling with Daddy before bedtime...

Loving on Uncle sweet!

Riding her 4 wheeler around the deck!

Opening presents...Taylor got lots of great stuff! Thanks everybody!! We have such sweet friends and family!

MeMe and PaPaw stopped by on Taylor's actual birthday to bring her a new 'baby Patch' (Cabbage Patch Kid). This one eats an icecream, gets sprinkles on her face and then you have to wipe off sprinkles with a special washcloth. Taylor loves to clean up a mess...she is her father's child!!


One day last week Taylor pulled Kevin's shoes out of his closet, lined them up on the floor and then pretended to sprinkle foot powder in each one! Does Daddy have stinky feet? Taylor says, "shoe wee, Daddy!"
We painted our nails one morning. Taylor admiring her nails...

Blowing on her nails, waiting for them to dry!
Our play group came over and we played with finger paint and sidewalk chalk on the driveway. We had a great time!

Laney and William painting away...

William's a cool dude in his sunglasses!
The serious her smock, ready to get messy! She's not crazy about the finger paint actually being on her hands though!

One shot from gymnastics...more to come later. She's loving it!
We went to visit April and Becky in Atlanta on the day that April actually went into labor with Lilly! This was earlier that day...
Becky and sweet baby was so good to see them and spend the day together!
April and Lilly are doing great and we can't wait to go see them!
Taylor's kissing baby Reed's arm!

Two of my oldest friends came to play one day last month and we had the best time seeing our kiddos playing. Stacie Waters and Shanda Whitlock were probably my first two friends outside of cousins and now we have a whole slew of kids of our own! From left to right it Kaitlin, Hannah, Gracie, Taylor and Malachi. Kaitlin, Hannah and Malachi are Stacie's and they just moved here from London (where their dad is from!) and Gracie is Shanda's and she also has a newborn-Elizabeth. Stacie's husband is the youth pastor at Fifth Avenue and Stacie's parents (and everyone!) are so thankful to have them living in the states finally! :)

Kaitlin and Gracie are the same age and really look a LOT like Stacie and Shanda at that age!!

Hannah and Taylor are about 5 months apart and Malachi is in the middle!
Brad, Kristen and Caleb came to visit a few weekends ago. We had the whole Burns clan over to our house for dinner. The guys feeding their faces...

And my sisters-in-law, Rebekah and Kristen...Gram and Grandpa playing on the swingset with all three grandkids...


Hope...A little girl time before bedtime...

Here are some sweet pictures I got of Taylor one day...trying to get a shot for her birthday invitation! She's such a ham...

Blowing kisses to everyone! Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week!!