Monday, March 9, 2009

Saturday Night Sock Hop!

I've gotten behind! Here are the pics from last weekend's party! My great aunt and uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in a big way! Their three sons really know how to throw a party. We had a great time! Everyone dressed in 50s attire and had a blast.

Everyone has a 'crazy Aunt Martha', right? Well, this is mine! ;) Joe and Martha Kemp. Love them!! My grandfather was Joe's big brother. Their sweet sons, David, Danny and Mike threw a fabulous party. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the boys. Yes, I can! They were never in one place for long...and especially not all together! If anyone has a good pic, please send it to me!Taylor and Maggie Ellen in their little poodle skirts...Taylor learning how to hula hoop! She LOVED it. And sweet Uncle Joe and David brought her a pink hula hoop to have at her house the next Monday...thank you guys! She's had so much fun with it. The poodle skirts that Taylor and I are wearing are very special! The one she wore was made by my dad's mom, my Mama Jean. I wore it for Halloween when I was 3 or 4. The one that I wore was made by dad's grandmother when I was in junior high (for West Rome Chieftain Acts!) My grandmother had passed away and so Mamaw started sewing for me! Luckily, we still had both. How cool is that?! And thanks to Mom for keeping them safe for me for all these years! :)Emily and Mom both thought to wear the guys' class rings around their necks. Why didn't I think of that?? Emily is just starting to show! Her poodle skirt was so pretty-she made it! With a little help from her Mom. Russ is so cool with his cigarette behind his ear! Note: he does NOT smoke...just part of the costume!MeMe and Papaw with Taylor...Mom's skirt also was part of the '92 Chieftain Acts! She borrowed it from Stacie Waters (her mother kept up with her's too). Stacie and I were best friends growing up. She just moved back from London with her family! I'll have pics soon-they're on their way over for playtime!!A picture with Taylor?! She was probably still hula hooping...

Memaw with Maggie Ellen and Taylor...Steve and Ellen...what 'cha drinking, Uncle Steve?! ;)
Memaw, Steve, Uncle Joe, Kelly, Carson and Brian...

Brian, Brandi (Maggie Ellen and Carson's parents) and Tony and Jaime (Ellie Grace and Gavin's parents)