Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday Parties and Princess Potties

Happy Birthday Jenna! Friday night, Taylor got to go to her cousin Jenna's birthday party at Ginger's downtown. Jenna is my cousin Kelly's youngest child. She turned four. Taylor had a great time. They posed for a group photo out front.Here's the birthday girl posing for a shot...
Cousins make the best friends! Here's Jenna with her first cousin, Maggie Ellen. Maggie is my cousin Brian's little girl. Such pretty girls!!Here's Taylor with the boys. Justin (Jenna's oldest brother) and Carson (Maggie Ellen's brother).
Carson was so sweet to Taylor, kept loving on her and giving her hugs. She ate it up! Carson is JUST LIKE his dad, Brian. Brian is five years older than me and he used to love on me like crazy. Carson told Taylor, "You might not love me yet, but I LOVE you!" So sweet!!
"Why am I holding these dolls?!?" Taylor wanted Justin to hold the dolls. The birthday party was a tea party with your favorite doll baby so all of the little girls brought their dolls with them. Justin was a huge help with Taylor and she just loved it! He's a great big brother and big cousin.

"Hold my doll, Meme, I've got to play!"
"Birthday parties are so much fun! "

Taylor even joined in the games with the big girls. This was us playing 'hot potato'. We were passing around a doll bottle. When it got to Taylor she yelled, "ba-ba" (bottle) and stuck it straight in her mouth! We've been off the bottle for about four months now and this was the first time she'd seen a real one in a while!
And she cried as I made her pass it on. Everytime it came around the circle, she cried. Didn't really understand the concept of the was just plain mean!!!

The Princess Potty chair!!! Taylor's 'Aunt Cindy' or 'sissie' as she tries to say bought her this precious new potty chair. It is the cutest thing ever!!! It has a place for the toilet paper and a place for a few books. :)"I love my new potty chair. Thank you Cindy!!"
"Any girl would be proud to take her first poopie in this chair!"
Checking it out in her bathroom... Taylor is modeling the dress her father bought her last year in Jamaica. Doesn't she look like an island princess?!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

Kevin is 31 today!!! Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Taylor got up this morning and put on her new GT cheerleader outfit just for her daddy. Kevin made the mistake of telling me that he wanted (for his birthday, now) Taylor to have a GT cheerleader outfit! So I ordered her one, of course!

Birthday hugs and kisses! Taylor has learned to wink at the camera. We've been working on saying "cheese" and smiling really big but she started this on her on. Taylor gave her Daddy a basket of football season goodies. GT toys and snacks for the big games coming up. Maybe Tech will have a good season?? :)
Here's her "cheese" face. We were practicing the other night.
And here is a little wink... Notice she has one of her books out and one of my novels out. She looked at it FOREVER, flipping through the pages.

Meme and Papaw stopped by the other night on the motorcycle. Taylor got right on! No riding for her til she's bigger, though. They might get me for putting this on here but helmet hair is cool !!
Ellie Grace came over Monday morning before our play group. Jaime dropped her off so she could go to an appt. and the girls had so much fun playing while I finished getting ready.
Here we are in the car. It was so much fun to have both girls together. Ellie Grace has got her "cheese" face down pat!! They sang along with the radio (The Backyardigans CD, of course) and made this funny clicking noise at each other. Their own secret language already???
We had to lower Taylor's crib, finally. She helped her Daddy with the job. This looks like a posed shot but it really wasn't! She was in the middle of everything and really thought she was helping.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taylor's Road Trip

Last weekend we went to visit Brad, Kristen and Caleb in South Carolina. Taylor had a GREAT time with her cousin!

Here they are after church. When we dropped the kids off at the nursery they both started crying. That made all of the other children start crying! It was chaos. But they were fine!

Taylor enjoyed riding in Caleb's wagon.

Taylor really enjoyed playing with all of the trains, trucks and balls at Caleb's house.

The kids playing outside...
We spent Saturday at the pool...
The kids had more fun at the water spigot. They stayed under this thing forever. Gave the grown-ups a break and chance to eat lunch! I made Taylor put on one of Caleb's long sleeved shirts because I was so afraid she was burning.

On Monday we had a new play group come to our house. Here are the little girls in our play group. Taylor is the youngest at 16 mos. and Ellie Grace (in aqua) is the oldest at 22 mos.
Taylor and Ellie Grace playing in the kitchen. Cousins make the best friends!!

While the girls were playing in the pool this little green frog came up. Taylor tried her hardest to catch it! She thought it was hilarious.
I caught Taylor reading to herself on her 'doggy' sleeping bag that Aunt Cindy bought her. She pulls it out whenever she's watching t.v. or reading. Her feet are up in the air 'holding' the book.

She caught me getting a picture. Her look clearly says, "Mom! What are you doing? I'm TRYING to read!"
Here's my girly-girl playing in the mud! Can you believe it? She loved it though!