Sunday, January 25, 2009

Taylor was playing with her Cabbage Patch babies this afternoon and being so cute, I had to get a few shoots.
She's engrossed in Barney here...

And doing her acrobatics! She slides down from a standing position to do her "split" and is amazingly limber. She always has been! We are going to sign up for gymnastics in the spring. She loves to tumble already.
She calls her two Cabbage Patch babies "Patch" even though they have lovely names...Katie Ozella and Eliza Ruth! She loves to ride her little tricyle all over the house. She can't peddle it yet but she's gotten very good at scooting it across the floors. Very funny! The seat lifts up to keep all of her important stuff...
Right now there's a pink spoon, some Mickey Mouse stickers, a fishing bobber ("bobby") and a baby bottle! She knows how to pack. "Always be prepared" as Papaw the Boy Scout would say.

Saturday we had a baby shower in Atlanta for my friend April. She is so cute! It looks like she has basketball under her dress. She's having a girl...due in March. We can't wait for Baby Jordin to get here!
We also got to meet Becky's new baby boy, Reed for the first time. Jen, me and Becky with Reed. He's beautiful! Dark, dark hair...beautiful skin...I could eat him up!
The new Mommy and Daddy! I think Aunt Sara was hogging Baby Reed during this picture.
Becky with her mom Mrs. Kay and sister Sara...

Becky, Allison, Sara and Allison's mom Mrs. Jane...
...and Allison with Baby Reed! No pressure, Al, but I think you're next!! Join the club! ;)Memaw came over on Thursday and spent the day with us. Taylor kept her busy playing with the dollhouse and feeding all of the babydolls. All day she said, "Help me, Mamaw" and "Come on, Mamaw." We had fun staying inside where it was warm...too cold to get out!!

Friday was a little warmer so we ventured out to shop a little and run some errands. We had lunch with MeMe and PaPaw. I got a few shots of the little princess before we headed out.

Taylor loves to spin like the Backyardigans do when their show comes on. She says, "I spin, I spin."


"Hope ya'll have a great week...wink, wink!"

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