Monday, December 15, 2008

I Love You Daddy! I Love You Mommy!

Last night we were reading to Taylor before bedtime and Kevin was telling her a story about Santa. In the story, he said something to the effect of...if you say "I love you Daddy, I love you Mommy" then Santa will bring you even MORE toys. We've been trying to get her to say I love you for a while and she'll say something that kind of sounds like it but not quite. Well, last night she said as clear as a bell...I love you Daddy, I love you Mommy! We went crazy of course, especially her Daddy. It was the sweetest thing though, if I do say so myself. :) (She's still winking...)This is a few of the kids from our playgroup. We had our Christmas party last week and the kids exchanged a book. It was hard to get a group shot!

Taylor eating some cookies with her new friend William. Isn't he a cutie!?

Saturday night we went to our friends Jen and Marc's house in Bremen to get together with my Shorter girls. (Everybody except for Becky who is due very, VERY soon!) We had a great time! April is due in March and is having a GIRL! Her hubby is Bryan (he works at Georgia Tech and is a HUGE yellow jacket fan :) Next to April (the pregnant one) is Allison and her husband Alan and then Jennifer, Marc and Brady. To quote Jen..."a few of my favorite people!" And yes, Alan-"we ARE good looking!"
Today we had playgroup at Jaime's. Here are the girls taking a break from playing. Ellie Grace has her shirt off because we were painting shirts with the kids' handprints. She insisted on taking it off. (Taylor won't quit winking!)
On Sunday evening before heading the Christmas musical, I took some pics for our friends Cindy and Adrian. Had to include cute! Taylor loves her "Sissy and Ad-ren"!

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Jenny said...

awww, Cindy! I miss her so much and haven't seen her in ages. Is she still at PhotoVision? I hope she's doing well.
I've got a ???? for you Ashley....I noticed you said you made all of Taylor's cute little outfits. I make a lot of stuff too, clothes, bows, burp cloths,etc,etc. I have someone who does embroidery for me but I really want to get my own machine. She's a pro and does BIG stuff too, but I just want a little machine to do stuff for me and when I make gifts. Do you do all your embroidery too? I'm asking around to find out what kind of machine works for people. The people at the sewing machine store of course want to sell me the $1000 one when I think I could get by with the $400 one LOL :o)