Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

Kevin is 31 today!!! Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Taylor got up this morning and put on her new GT cheerleader outfit just for her daddy. Kevin made the mistake of telling me that he wanted (for his birthday, now) Taylor to have a GT cheerleader outfit! So I ordered her one, of course!

Birthday hugs and kisses! Taylor has learned to wink at the camera. We've been working on saying "cheese" and smiling really big but she started this on her on. Taylor gave her Daddy a basket of football season goodies. GT toys and snacks for the big games coming up. Maybe Tech will have a good season?? :)
Here's her "cheese" face. We were practicing the other night.
And here is a little wink... Notice she has one of her books out and one of my novels out. She looked at it FOREVER, flipping through the pages.

Meme and Papaw stopped by the other night on the motorcycle. Taylor got right on! No riding for her til she's bigger, though. They might get me for putting this on here but helmet hair is cool !!
Ellie Grace came over Monday morning before our play group. Jaime dropped her off so she could go to an appt. and the girls had so much fun playing while I finished getting ready.
Here we are in the car. It was so much fun to have both girls together. Ellie Grace has got her "cheese" face down pat!! They sang along with the radio (The Backyardigans CD, of course) and made this funny clicking noise at each other. Their own secret language already???
We had to lower Taylor's crib, finally. She helped her Daddy with the job. This looks like a posed shot but it really wasn't! She was in the middle of everything and really thought she was helping.

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Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!! Great pics of Taylor by the way! Go TECH!!!